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Easiest way to invite a freelanced to apply for my new job post

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Eric C Member Since: May 26, 2011
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I just posted a new job on oDesk. Now I want to invite a freelancer that I worked with on a previous project. If I click 'View' or 'Edit' post, there's no button to 'Invite a Freelancer'. If I click on the 'Manage My Team' link, I can see the programmers that are working on my current projects, and/or who have worked on previous projects. Under 'Manage My Team' there should be a new link called 'Contacts' (or something like that). Clicking this link should show EVERY programmer I have ever worked with. Regardless of their status. It does not matter which team they were on, or whether or not they are currently working on an open project. This should simply be a Contact list (as in Outlook). So I can find my programmer in this list, click on his name and see all of his details - current status, a list of every project he has done for me, the total amount I have paid him since the day one, his current availability, his profile info, his rating, etc. And finally, it's on this page where I should be able to click on a big green 'Invite' button and then select (from a drop-down list) my open job. See how awesome this would be? As I discovered (in a roundabout way) ... oDesk kinda sorta already has this feature, but you have to know how to get to the freelancer's profile screen. Once you are there, you see the big green 'Contact' button. But getting to that screen is awkward: 1. Click on Manage My Team 2. The default page you are on is called 'My Freelancers'. OK, so now find your programmer. He could be under the 'Hired' or 'Past Hired' section. 3. When you finally find the programmer and click on his name, you are actually NOT seeing info about this programmer. Instead you are seeing info about the JOB you hired him for. So this section should really be labeled 'My Jobs' not 'My Freelancers'. Makes more sense, right? 4. Not to get off track here, we're still looking for the 'secret' way to invite this freelancer to apply for the new job posting. So ... once you click on the freelancer's name and you are now looking at the details of the PREVIOUS job you hired him for ... you'll see a big green 'Send a Message...' button. A ha! Finally a way to contact the freelancer. So you click on it and ... no, wait ... that doesn't work. You can send him a message but this is really meant to be a mechanism to send him a message about the old job. So, go back to the 'My Freelancers' page and try again ... 5. Back in the 'My Freelancers' page, find the freelancer and click on his name. Remember ... here we are viewing the previous JOB details, not the FREELANCER details. Notice along the left side of the page there is a link to 'View Profile'. Click that link. ok ... NOW there is a big green 'Contact' button. Click on that button and (finally) there is a way to invite this programmer to apply for my new job. Man I'm exhausted now. My brain hurts. I had to navigate through my old job to invite him to my new job. So ... the point of my story ... I recommend adding a 'My Contacts' page that shows me every freelancer I have ever worked with AS WELL AS any Freelancer I marked as 'Save' (maybe I didn't hire him yet but I want to save his Contact info). From here I can easily get in touch with my contacts and send them invitations to new jobs.
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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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I agree. Re-hiring previous freelancers is a bit of a science project when it should be simple. I'd even go one step further: oDesk should recommend previous freelancers that match the skill set of the newly posted job. It would be one rare oDesk recommendation that would actually make sense and be based on something other than random algorithms.