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**Edited** anyone else was "ghosted" by this company right after signing the contract?

Hello everybody. I was recently recuited by **Edited for Community Guidelines** for a translation and reviewing project. I passed the selection (there was an assessment test), I was asked further information about my job title and experience, as well as documents proving my current situation and professionality, and the Upwork team was included in this slightly lenghtly procedure. In a way, all of these steps made me feel like this was a serious company and I was happy to comply.


But then silence. As soon as I received the contract, and signed it, no forther communication occurred. I reached out to the recruiters several time and they initially told me that I would be contacted with forther information (which didn't happen) and then stopped answering. I then contacted the Upwork person that was assisting me in the selection part: silence on he part too! The contract (that lasted a week and was supposed to be opened again imemdiately) ended, no task was provided, I wasted my time and also felt slightly fooled.



Anyone else had this strange experience with **Edited for Community Guidelines**? Please let me know.


Hi Marina,


I am sorry to hear about your experience with this client and the Talent Specialist associated with this job. First, I have to edit your post to remove the company name to adhere to our Community Guidelines


I have reviewed the job you mentioned and can confirm that both the job posting and the client are legitimate. Additionally, the Talent Specialist working with you on this job is an internal team member dedicated to assisting our clients in finding the right talent for their projects. It's worth noting that clients may have multiple assignments ongoing simultaneously, which can sometimes lead to delays in task assignments. You have the option to either follow up with your client and await task assignments or you may choose to end the contract if you wish to pursue other projects. Should you choose to end the contract, it is advisable to provide the client with an official written notification prior to taking that action.


- Pradeep

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