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Edited for Community Guidelines

Hello guys any body know something  about this client

**Edited for Community Guidelines****Edited for Community Guidelines**

Please any one works for this company let me know because rhis my first time 


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That is not how this works.


We don't ask about specific companies by name, or by their URL.


You are not allowed to do that.

And it does not make sense to do that.


We talk about BEHAVIOR. Not about names or URLs.

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Heba, it is recommended that the freelancer does their research and judge if a client looks legitimate. There are things you can note about the client from the job post.


Also, once you learn more about the platform and how things work, you'll feel more comfortable. As Preston has advised, we're not allowed to mention client's name or company's name.


And beside, there are hundreds of thousands of clients and companies, even if you were allowed to share the name there is a very small chance that you'd find someone who has worked with them. You can share the job post link, or details about what the work is, what the client said, what the job description is, and people here can give advice.


Please go through the Academy section, and the Freelancers forum threads, and you'll learn a lot. If still confused, type a question you have in the Freelancers forum, and if the search results doesn't show anything that matches, create a new post with your questionn.

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