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**Edited** reporting a company



I am writing in regards to a **Edited for Community Guidelines** job advertising listed on Upwork. 

I contacted them, they reached out and suggested they will send a link to Skype with a team member. They proceeded to ask for personal information, previous employment and SSN. 

It all seemed too good to be true. How can I make sure this is not a SCAM, I am worried. I conacted the company **Edited for Community Guidelines** and they said the employee who contacted me on Skype is not part of their team. 

Please someone help! 

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Communicating outside of Upwork before a contract is in place is a violation of Upwork's Terms of Service you agreed to comply to when you created your account. 

This is a scam. They are just using the name of a real company to make you trust them.


Keep communication and money transactions on Upwork and you will be safe from most common scams. Learn how the platform works before applying to jobs to have a more successful experience. The less you know, the worse it will get.

How can I report this? I provided them with personal information, and the person who contacted me in Upwork actually blocked me. 

Keep in mind clients should have all they need from your profile. Never provide personal information as we do not know what the scammers will do with it.


Here is the help article to report suspicious activities


Report Suspicious User Activity – Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help

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Hi Yanim,


As Sophie noted earlier on this thread, sharing contact information and moving communication off Upwork before a contract is set up is against the TOS. For more tips about staying safe while working online, I recommend checking this help article, this course as well as other resources. 
In general, you can report a job or inappropriate activity using the flag option available on every job post and message. That said, I've already forwarded your report to the team and they're reviewing it. 

~ Valeria
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