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Editing for Bad Writers - Future Job Opportunities?

Just an observation and a question. I have done a few proofreading projects for clients, and the proofreading seems to always become an editing job. I am honestly baffled at how some of these writers get hired at these various companies. On my current job editing for a company, I actually had to do research and a rewrite of the article. It seems as if many of these companies' writers are ill-equipped or simply lazy writers. At times, I feel like I'm reading a high schooler's essay. (And I would know, I'm also a high school English teacher!)


Definitely not complaining as this kind of stuff keeps me in business, haha. However, I was wondering, would it be inappropriate or out of Upwork guidelines to ask for a more consistent writing gig for them instead of just editing? I guess it depends on the situation, but I am curious as to what everyone in the writing community thinks about this.

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Not at all. If you could do a better job and save them a step, why not make the offer?


Chances are good, though, that the articles are so bad because they're paying $3/500 words or something similar, probably to a non-native speaker, and find it cheaper to have someone like you "edit" them than to hire a competent writer in the first place.

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