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Re: Elance to Upwork Migration - No solution to keep all agencies under one admin account

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Amit V Member Since: Oct 8, 2015
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It seems that our decision to migrate from Elance to Upwork was wrong. We migrated from elance. As a result personal profile and agency profile also migrated from the elance to upwork. We already had upwork profiles (since 2006 when it was oDesk) with few agencies under one personal account. Now, these are the problems:

1. Personal profiles cant be merged. We dont have problem with it but there is another problem which is next.

2. Already existing agencies from existing upwork account cant be associated with the personal account that we migrated from elance. Now another problem.

3. According to upwork policies two profiles of same person cant be there on upwork but if we have to delete anyone of the personal profiles then agencies associated with them will also be deleted too. This is big problem.

4. I am communicating with upwork team since one month and there is no solution yet. I am feeling worried and unsafe now.


Now my suggestion is, there must be solution to such problems before migration from elance to upwork. I only need to keep one personal profile but I cant take risk to delete the existing agencies.


Kindly help.



Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Amit,


Sorry about the confusion. We'll have someone reach out to you directly and assist you with the issue.

~ Valeria
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Amit V Member Since: Oct 8, 2015
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Thanks Valeria. I will look forward to get the solution.


Kind regards,