Email NOtification messed up again

First no emails, now they won't stop


I received an email message today that was an invitation to apply for a job I declined over 10 days ago.


Yet here it is again today in my email box, fresh as the day it was originally born.




Same with me. A client had closed a contract several days ago. I received the notification email immediately.


Today, I found in my notifications that I have the 'Client closed contract' three times. Also, I received a second email today with the same message. For some reason, it gets repeated and resent. It's clearly one of the hundred bugs. Don't mind it 😐


At first I thought it was one of those phishing emails because for some reason my Gmail filter did not label the message and I was afraid to click on the links, lol. Though I would not be interested on the job posts anyway.

I came here looking for this. I guess it's an isolated incident?


I got something of the opposite. Someone I spoke with on Monday sent me a message. I replied right away and got the message right away. Yesterday, I got an email that said he had invited me to interview but he had actually declined my bid. 


So, I'm looking at my stats and I'm not sure if the response rate is being docked due to not getting invites last week or from this "invite." 


I'm confused, which is easy to do to me! 😄

When I opened a ticket, I was assured tht they know it is a problem..they don't know when it will be FIXED


"It has been found that this has affected multiple users. Please be assured that our Engineering team is working to resolve the issue."


I am changing my name to Grrrrrrr

Messages wont load.


Another day at Upwork.



@Stephen R wrote:

Messages wont load.


Another day at Upwork.




If you're getting the error that says it can't load and to click a link to reload, this happens to me intermittently. Toggle your client and freelancer account. 

oops forgot one step.


I think this happens when your session times out and you're technically logged out. Messages try to load and you get an error.


So, go to your job feed or manually log in in a separate tab and then refresh the messages after toggling client/freelancer profile.

Thanks Jen,


Its finally working.



You forgot uninstall and reinstall your browser.


Clear cookies


Turn off your computer, count to 20, and turn it on again.


Change your OS to Windows Vista


Slam head on desk, repeat

NOtification is working fine for me. Only yesterday (28 September) I was NOtified of an invitation issued 16 September.


Best to all,


@Douglas Michael M wrote:

NOtification is working fine for me. Only yesterday (28 September) I was NOtified of an invitation issued 16 September.


Best to all,


At least you got your 100% JSS back - so I/Aristotle were partially right: you can't do anything wrong when you do nothing (on Upwork).




Well, NOtifications are also working for me just brilliantly.


A few minutes ago I received an invite - for a job I had already declined roughly 2 weeks ago. 


I have been invited to certain jobs more than once, and mostly been annoyed by the repeat invitation to interview. But not in this case, as I have changed my mind about this particular job - so I decided to go for it.


It was quite the surprise when I tried to accept the invitation and saw that I had declined the invite already. That made me search for the previous Upwork email/notification. Only I cannot find it. Because it doesn't exist.


I probably saw the invite when logged in to the website and declined it. But I never received a notification. Not via email nor via the notification feature.

Until today.


This ties in nicely with the offer I almost accepted last week because I never (not to this day) received the notification that the US client had actually already hired another freelance while I was still sleeping. She didn't cancel her offer. And I kept emailing her questions - making me look rather ignorant and unprofessional.


Thanks, Upwork - for making me stand out as a Top Rated freelancer.


Should have seen this thread before creating one for the same issue, but what the heck, come Monday and they will have someone merge the threads, and the issue will still remain unresolved. Yawn! Robot Indifferent

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So yesterday, I received yet another email notification inviting me to apply for a job that I had already declined.


Despite being an "expert" and "top rated" I get almost no invitations.


However, the very few I get result in email notifications over and over again.


I don't think I am ready for this advanced technology that sends the same notifications over and over again for declined work.


Give me that old fashioned technology that sends a notification (YES! please send a notification) but only send it once.

One more necronotice on a declined job and blocked academic fraudster. Not to worry, though, another Upworker is helping her get her bogus degree.


Best to all,