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Email from Stephane Kasriel - And A New Status Page

Community Guru

A few minutes ago my Inbox got an email from Upwork, with the sender showing as Stephane Kasriel.


This email went over the down time that the site experienced during the days of September 7-10, and the reasons why the site was slow / unavailable.  The details in this email are not particularly  disimiliar from the forum posts made by Hayden Brown, VP of Product (here, if you haven't seen them).


However, a new page announcment is inside this email, and it's a shiny new Upwork Status Page.  Don't forget to bookmark this!

Community Guru

Finally! That must have been requested by members over a thousand times! Information under the "Resolved" tab should be of great help.

Ron aka LanWanMan
Community Guru

I just received the email from Upwork's CEO that has been mentioned earlier today. It's apologetic, humble, and takes responsibility for the problems.  Although he should have sent it out sooner, you have to give the guy credit for apologizing, acknowledging the problems, and taking responsibility for it. 


I wish he would now come out and explain to us in plain English, why they are killing the eLance platform which everyone loves, and forcing freelancers onto the Upwork platform which is like jumping from a Mercedes to a Fiat. This change is a huge mystery and it appears to me to have been a decision made for venture capital or investment reasons, versus from good business fundamentals. I would enjoy learning otherwise, or at least knowing WHY they are doing it.


But hey, his letter was a big step in the right direction! I hope it represents a turning point where Upwork will be forthcoming instead of opaque.

It's the new political move which has been adopted by all the CEOs - it is just lead soldiers. All the head honchos have done it. From Obama to Hollande and a few in between - notably one who has just been re-elected. 


"Hey guys, I am really sorry, and yes I should have done it another way, but look you're stuck with me so let's dance, yeah?"


Problem - humble schumble or not, we're still stuck with the message system and Pinocchio . . .

they coulda asked me to write it..... i'm hurt and dismayed. 😞 

I really wish he would have sent out a blanket email warning us about the upwork-elance merger, before it was done, and asked for input on features we find useful.

The cost, Cathleen - the cost!  And he doesn't want input features . . . humble people don't do guilt . . . 😉

Hi Steve! Maybe because the Fiat gets better gas mileage?

Ron aka LanWanMan
Community Guru

I got the same email and noticed the Status link. Finally!

I got the same email and noticed the Status link. Finally!


Hope it works better than the rest of the site.

We might neeed a Status page for the Status page. Smiley Very Happy

Community Guru

I read it again and I must say that even though my name was on it he did lose me when he talked about everyone else with the same tech issues. If it were really person al he would have focused on me. Now I'm feeling like he doesn't care about me at all and never had. *someone get me a d%m Kleenex please!!!!*

Always remember there's people who care about your rings queen Mariska.

Wassim.... you always know just what to say.... *sniff*

Community Guru

PR spin, but what do you expect.


On the other hand, if the Status page keeps people from posting in the forums asking "Is Upwork down?", then I will say it has served it's purprose.


Of course, what we really really really need a link to it from somewhere in the footer maybe, of Upworks main pages that we can see. That way, for users who forgot to bookmark, there will be other ways to get to it.


I would even go so far as to say perhaps putting a link to it under the ? at the top right our main pages, right under Support.

Hello Sir/Madam,



I got totally bad experince with Upwork Support. I would like to you to investigate this matter and whole upwork support discussion personally and provide me good resolution(Please review whole discussion in the screenshot I attached). Also please provide me answers for my questions which I asked many times from Upwork Support. They didn't replied me, and close my ticket without any reply and aknowledging me.

Here is link for my ticket

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Thanks with regards,
Sandeep Kumar


I read through the exchange you had with customer support.


You seem to have a deep lack of understanding of how Upwork feedback works.


You received one bad feedback from one client. You did not even receive negative written comments, so be grateful for that. You simply received a low star rating. This means the client wasn't happy with your work. It's entirely possible that your work quality wasn't that bad but that you just annoyed the heck out of the client and the client felt like he had no choice but to rate you that way.


The customer support person you talked to deserves kudos for putting up with your silly complaints.


You were already told how you can hide the bad feedback, but you didn't want to do that. Customer support answered all of your questions and provided you with accurate, helpful information.


You need to move on.


I am sorry if that is not the answer you wanted to hear. I am usually very, very critical of customer support, but in this case, they got it right and did a good job.

Thanks for your reply.


But I am not happy with your reply. If you have authority to see the messages between me and my client then please review whoe discussion, I did work and updated him timely. I asked some points many times from him but he didn't explained them. Please review the messages and let me know what was wrong from my side.

Suppose a freelancer is working for a client from last 2 years, and client is very happy with the freelancer. But at last if client get frustrated from anything and end the contract with bad rating to freelancer then pleae let me know what was freelancer's mistakes there. If freelancer will contact with Upwork Support then what he expect from Upwork?



With respect,  you're  not going to get your answer on here either,  and I  hope it's not the start of your flooding this forum with endless versions of the same complaint.  You really do need to move on, for your own sake as well as for everyone else's.



let me try to put it plain simple for you...


There is no way whatsoever for you to influence client feedback. If you client decide to give you bad rating there is no way to change that, it's their will. 


There is two solution to this:


1. get over it and move on to another platform

2. get over it and continue to search for better clients here


Simply as that...