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Email notifications and missing emails

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Hello everyone!


I'm just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with receiving email notifications? I'm not getting any email notification from the forum...and yes, I've checked my settings here and also my email's spam folder. It's so weird.


Another weird thing, I often don't get email notification from the main site when someone invites me for a job. The only emails I get are for contracts starting, ending, and payment. The PM doesn't always get to my inbox either.


Is this also happening to some of you? I miss the old days (just a year ago) when things work as they should.



Additional: Now some of my emails don't even get to my clients! Email body, texts and attachments! It's like emails to that client has been muted!

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"I'm not getting any email notification from the forum"


neither am I


"It's so weird."


Not really - par for the course, I'd say   Smiley Tongue


"I miss the old days (just a year ago) when things work as they should."




Sometimes I get email notifications for messages, interviews (albeit usually for Spanish to Norwegian translation or similar) before they appear in the main notifications. Then other times i don't get any


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Happened to me the other day. No emails and I get onto oDesk to see a contract offer and 2 messages.


I did see the notification for an Italian VA interview though, so that was useful.

Thanks for the replies guys! This may not sound good but I'm glad I'm not alone in this thing.


Like the both of you, there had been many times that an important email did not get to me. I missed an offer, missed additional instruction, and missed a few invites. It makes me feel that the site is setting me up to fail. We all know that our response times to interviews and offers are monitored and counted against us so this is really important.


I've talked about this with support quite a few times but all tickets were dead ends. Some promised to update me, and some simply closed the ticket as resolved although I didn't get an update or a solution. Its grrr. 


Let's hope the engineers fix this thing up. The main site's system has been messed up for like half a year or more now. 


As for getting invites to jobs which has nothing to do with our skills, that's another thing 😛

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I've almost missed a few emails a well. Now, I never rely on the emails coming to my email account. I check oDesk a couple of times a day to see if I have any new emails.


Usually it takes about a half hour or more for emails that get posted on oDesk to make it to my email account, but a few times they've never shown up at all.


I log in to check messages too, I can't rely on the notifications. It kinda defeats the purpose.

It keeps happening. This time I sent some emails to clients but upon checking they don't appear in the sent folder and I have a deadline. Very strange. It's looking like sabotage haha! (this is not a happy laughter).

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Community Manager

Hi all,


I apologize that some notifications do not get delivered to your emails. I understand it is quite inconvenient and causes delays. We will follow up with our Engineering Team and make sure it is looked at and fixed as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience!

~ Valeria

The thing is, Valeria, random notifications are worse than no notifications...



The missing notifications has been a problem for more than half a year now. Not sure how long the engineering team has to look into it but that seems awfully long.

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Yep, I'm pretty sure that this problem existed over 6 months ago. I started noticing a pattern.


It's inperative that we receive notifications. I've heard people say that they missed out on good jobs because they didn't realise that a client had sent an invitation until they logged into their account.



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another missing email bug 😞


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I'm having the same problem only it just started with the new change to upwork. Up until 2 weeks ago I was getting steady emails with no problems. I thought it was because of the latest change but now I see others have been having problems for months. This does not look good for Upwork (I hate that name). I need to know what's happening on my account in real time, missing out on important notifications from my clients could cost me dearly. Many of them have very tight deadlines and if I'm late in responding or I fail to respond it could cost me my job and right now this is my only source of income.


They tell us to not give personal information to the clients and to work through them, but if they're not going to follow through, they aren't the ones who'll suffer.


Please do something about this. I can't imagine dealing with this problem for months. I've only had to deal with it for a couple of weeks.



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As a client new to Upwork, I'm extremely disappointed in the issues that have been going on with notifications.  It seems as though not only are my freelancers NOT recieving my messages, but I'm not getting theirs either.  I just cancelled a contract because my freelancer was not readily available.  Turns out that they weren't even getting message notifications.  


As someone in sales, I'm driving constantly.  Email notifications are necessary for my business workflow.  I simply don't have the time to log into the website every single time my freelancer has a question or needs an answer.  This is why email notifications exist.  


This is a major failure on your part Upwork, and needs to be fixed ASAP.  You are causing uneeded confusion due to poor communication.  Either fix it properly or remove the feature from the site.  


I was lured here from Guru and I'm thinking that may have been a big mistake.  

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I'm not getting email notifications from the foum. Is there a problem, again?

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re: "I'm not getting email notifications from the foum. Is there a problem, again?"


Hmm... I don't know that email notifications from the forum have every worked reliably.

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Same issue. I'm no longer receiving emails when I get messages from clients, which is very frustrating. Have not had the chance to notice other missing notifications though. Not yet, anyway.

"Belt and braces and also physically holding up the trousers" strategy:



Mobile app notifications


email notifications


Log in once an hour.


Between these three, you'll be covered..

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I am having the same issue. Just opened an account and posted a job. 


Any tips? 



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I'm getting email notifications. Of course, they'r typically a week late, like the one from yesterday alerting me to last week's phone interview.


Best to all,


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I've been having this issue for three months. The support team assured me several times that the problem is resolved although it never was. I changed email address on file and notifications are arriving to the other one just fine, but I want to use my primary email. Now when I try to revert to it it doesn't receive the email change confirmation message, so I'm stuck with the temp one for now.