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Enable Client to Change Feedback

I have completed 1 Milestone on Upwork (working on 2nd in the same contract) and requested the client to leave feedback. They left me 4.83 creating, when I questioned, they told me this was the reason. I resubmitted with a modified version, they get happy. Now we are mutually agreed to change the rating but my client can't see the option to change it. And I also checked there is no option in the 'Feedback' Section of 'Enable Client to Change Feedback'. What is the issue, can somebody PLEASE help!!

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4.83 it is an excellent score.


It is more meaningful than a 5.0 score.


A 5.0 is thoughtless and usually fake. Nobody is perfect on everything, and that is essentially what a 5.0 means. So the client giving 5.0 not really putting thought into the score.


Asking a client to change a score like that is something no freelancer should ever do.

Thank you Mr. Preston for your kind reply.
Yes I know, but could you please tell why 'Enable to Change' option is not showing, my client is also unavle to see change option.

I really would tell you if I knew the answer to your question.


Any contract closed during the past few months should have the option for freelancers to click a button that lets clients change feedback.


I really hope you don't worry about such a positive score from a client who clearly appreciates you.

And Thank you so much for this meaningfull suggestion.
But I do want to knwo what might be the solution.
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