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End contract& Difficult clients

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Mark F Member Since: Jul 10, 2018
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Emilija D wrote:
I am scared to do that. Also as a uni student the money for arbitration are a lot for me. Can the client seek legal action if I don’t click on summit work? Also for mediation and arbitration does both sides have to agree to start the process or only one?
For only 150$ do pay 291$.... I am genuinely very very anxious and scared. I don’t want to make a mistake.

Fear is the little death.

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Emilija D Member Since: Jun 30, 2020
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Can someone advice me what to do If this escalates. I haven’t replied to the threat and I am waiting to have a call with an Upwork agent.
Can the client file a dispute if I don’t click submit work nor charge him?
And I understand everyones advice about doing the work and it should be paid, but I am having two procedures the following months, and genuinely can’t handle all the stress this has caused me.
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has replied and gave advice. I greatly appreciate it!!!
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Can the client file a dispute if I don’t click submit work nor charge him?"




If you closed the contract and didn't charge him anything, there is nothing for him to dispute.


You could do that and block him, and there is nothing he could do about it.


The work would still belong to you, as well.