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End the contract or making more projects in the same contract

Hi everyone, being still new to Upwork and I'm wondering about something.

I have a project with hourly rate, and the contract is about a specific thing, I finished the project two days ago then I got the approve from the client that everything is okay, then he asked me to do more similar projects at the same payment terms.

Now, should I ask him to end the current contract as long as I did the project and make new contract for the new projects he wants?

Or should I end the current contract myself?

Or what should I do?


Thanks in advance,


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Keep working on the same contract.

Never end a contract yourself, always let the client do it so you get feedback. 

Great thanks!


Hi Hisham,


You can discuss with your client if they prefer to have this on another contract or continue to work using the same. It is always best to discuss with your client so that you can agree on how to best proceed with the job. 

~ Joanne
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 Thank you, you’re amazing!

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