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Ended a contract with an active milestone

Hello, I recently ended a contract with an active milestone after i submited the work, as the client didn't responded back to me for a week. in my contract details it shows that the payment is in (Milestones remaining), the client just got back to me today I explaind her that i have submited the work and requested her to release the payment se said okay, but now she says she don't see any option to relase the payment, can someone help me, I want to know if she can relase the payment after I have ended the contract, and what does (Milestones remaining) means, and can she leave a review now!

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Client able to stop contract at any stage. You too.

Client able to leave feedback for closed contract. You too.

For $0 contracts only private feedbacks allowed. Money received before cotract closed - is your.

Thank you for the help, can you kindly check this SS and let me know if the client can leave a review or not as the status on the milestone says (cancled), but I was the one to end the contract did i do something worng? 

Client is able to leave feedback.

Milestone still under review. You will be paid after 14 days if client will take no action here.

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I'm not sure if money goes back to the client if the contract is closed but the work was submitted. I would assume it would because it does if the work hasn't been submitted. I think this could be abused if it didn't go back, so I think you probably sent a refund by not waiting out the 14 days. The client can send a bonus after she verifies she has a refund. It would have been sent to her client account balance I think.

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Clients have 14 to review the work after it was submitted. You closed the contract without allowing your client to review the work. The escrow amount was returned to your client. You can ask your client to pay with a bonus. They can leave a feedback since you had a contract.

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