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Ended job still "in progress" -- no feedback

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Annie T Member Since: Sep 2, 2017
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Hello. I did a search on this but it just confused me. I had one milestone fixed price job that I got paid for. The task was completed (successfully, with a happy client). There was no discussion of further work coming. 
On my profile, it still lists the job as "in progress" a few weeks later. I really (desperately) need positive feedback to bring up a low JSS. 
The client's history shows many other FL's with the same in-progress status under the same job posting/title and others. It may be that this client wants to hire me again at some point and will just add a new milestone in the future, but I'd prefer the contract be closed and feedback given. 
Why would a client choose not to end a job and give feedback when a job is clearly completed? Is this a normal situation? If this is how she prefers to do things, I'm concerned to bug her to close the contract. 
Should I leave it alone, or ask to close the job for feedback? What could I say without turning her off? How will JSS be affected if job is eternally in progress? Thanks in advance for any input.
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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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A client who has paid you is a good thing. 

If you close the contract, the client may or may not leave feedback--they don't have to.

If the client closes the contract, they must leave feedback to complete the process.

If you contact the client, avoid asking them to close the contract so that you can get feedback--IMO, that is basically telling the client that you want them to do some work for you. 


Have you noticed whether the other freelancers with work in progress for this client appear to have earned more than one milestone's worth of work from the client? 

Ongoing projects are not a bad thing.