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Ended my own contract



Few months ago, I ended my contract with a client without knowing that it would affect my job success rate score. That client was one of oDesk representative from Phillipines (before change to Upwork), and I don't know if she still exist and . I ended the contract because it has been more than 1 year without activity (the original job post is 2 years ago), and I want to get rid of passive contract so that when other clients see my profile, they won't be surprised to see that I have a lot of active contract (which I believe it will affect their decision to hire me).


The problem is, because she does not leave any feedback, my job success score is decreased (am I right?). I have sent her a message to leave me a feedback (and I have click the "allow client to change their feedback"), but she doesn't reply. To be honest, that work value is very small, less than 50 dollars. If I ever know that it will become like this (the contract become passive for years and decrease my job success rate due no feedback), I won't accept that job at the first place.


Can someone help me?


Thank you.


Client won't be able to rate a freelancer for their service or leave feedback After 14 days of closing the contract . 


Move on ... nothing serious . 



Well, 3 or 4 days ago, I found an option to allow client to change their feedback. And I have clicked that to "allow client to change their feedback", and there is a popup that it will be valid for 14 days. If client can't leave feedback after 14 days of closing contract (which is few months ago), why is there an option to "allow client to change their feedback" appeared in my contract with that client?


Well, I still move on to get other contracts, but maybe it's because that I'm a perfectionist. A small flaw like that makes me uncomfortable, and that's because the oDesk representative, not unknown client that no one can reach him/her.

If you've messaged the client about but didn't got response you've done your part . 


Me too a perfectionist , i know how does it feel but , sometimes we have no choice here ( freelancer , how they call it ) 



Well, I hope that someone from Upwork representative here can notify their colleague to leave feedback for me (that is my client, as I said that my client also from Upwork representative).

This is the Upwork system to leave a feedback and that feedback is calculated in Job Success score, but if Upwork representative doesn't leave feedback for their own freelancers that they hire, it's weird... It's like they hire to reduce the Job Success score of every freelancer they hire.  :sadness:

You have 98% job success score, just move along, this is great score...

Live your life and do best you can, there isn't really much you can do, you are just loosing time with this...

Before, I was 100%. And I think 2% is not small. If it is just 0.1%, it's ok. But it's 2%, it's a problem, like quote: "Size Matter" 😄

When creating a product, there is a flaw 2% in that product can be considered as "flaw", not perfect


Well, I don't think I waste my time for this problem, because I still do my job, and just do this problem in spare time..


This is untrue:

@Delwar H wrote:

Client won't be able to rate a freelancer for their service or leave feedback After 14 days of closing the contract . 


 Yes, the client CAN leave feedback - the freelancer can go to the contract and click on "enable client to change feedback" which will reset the client's ability to leave feedback, even when the 14 days have passed!


Indra, this contract may not be the reason why your JSS dropped a little.  It ended more than 6 months ago, so would no longer factor into the 6 month rating window.


ONE job closed with no feedback is also unlikely to affect your score.


Do you have any contracts that have been open for a long time with no activity?

Hi Petra,


Thank you for your explanation.


To answer your question about other active contract without activity:

Yes I have.

1 contract is still new, started about almost 3 weeks ago, there is no activity yet because I am still waiting the client task list (well, actually waiting for his designer to finish first, then I can work).

Another contract, start on August, have some activities although it just a little (because the task is just a maintenance), and the last activity is 1 month ago. I don't think it affect the JSS.

Another contract, start on July, got from Elance (and transfer it to Upwork), have activity until August because my client choose to open another contract for his accounting report. Client still active until now, but using different contract.



When I realized that my JSS become 98% was before I applied for my contract without any activity, which is 3 weeks ago.


So, what cause my JSS become 98%? I have all 5 star and good feedback from my clients, only 2 clients who does not give me feedback after the contracts are closed:

1. the oDesk representative,

2. one of my client who ended the contract more than 1 year ago to rehire me with new hourly rate (and there are a lot of activities in that contracts), and rehire is a good score I think, not negative score.




Can someone tell me what should I do about "old contract with last activity is few weeks/months ago" and for "no feedback ended-contract"? Can someone tell me which affects my JSS?


Hello Indra.


I understand you concern. I would be angry if my Job Success score downgrades to 98%.


Well, the good news is that if a client doesn't give feedback it doesn't downgrades your Job Success score.


I have a contract that the client doesn't gave feedback, and my Job Success score is still 100%.


2% is nothing..

You really think that client will not hire you beacuse you have 98% of JSS ?


I had 92, 94, 96, then 93, latest is 94%, I can't control this score, neither I let it control me. It just some imaginary meassure of success which include in calculation unpredictable things like did client reviewed your project after completion or not. Did client leaved opened contract and walked away from Upwork..


I must admit I had days or two of worries once they introduced it but stopped worrying about it long time ago, and you shoud to.. It didn't affect my job winning percentage neither I got less or more interview if my score is bigger or smaller.


Well, I just wonder why my JSS reduced, and I just want to be perfect (as I always be while working in projects).

I'm not afraid right now, because I still have long term clients that believe in my skills regardless my JSS, but don't know about future.


I hope what you tell about "didn't affect my job winning percentage neither I got less or more interview if my score is bigger or smaller." applies to me too, for now and in the future. Thanks.