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Ending a contract as I just accepted it


I just accept an offer a few days ago but I am not happy with the communication of the client. 

The scope of the work is large and also the bid was large enough for me to accept but the problem is the tone of the client and I am not ready to have it daily. 

My question is, how to tell him that I want to end the contract? 

More important is can he leave feedback if we didn't complete any milestone? 

I am sure he can leave private feedback (my JSS is 100% and I am top rated so I know it will anyways affect it...but better that than to get even more complicated).🙄

I have never had a situation like this before.


Many thanks, 

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You don't have to tell them, you can just end it.


They can leave feedback, but with no money paid, the public feedback will be hidden. Private feedback will still affect your JSS.

Thank you Wes.
I would like to try to complete it as I like the job he has for me (and besides the scope) and I feel sorry to just end it. I know the job only matters to a client and if I am polite and do my job to a maximum it would be okay. Can you guess how much will it fall if I end it? Is that drastically like under 80% or?

Nobody knows the formula for the JSS, so it is hard to say. But we've been told the size of the contract (of its $ transactions) is used to weight in the different private reviews. So, the longer you work with that client the higher the impact may be on your JSS.


Also, you have plenty of jobs closed "recently" with top reviews to compensate, so this one should have a low impact. I think.

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As you're a top rated freelancer, you're allowed to remove a feedback review once every 10 contracts/3 months. That would remove the negative impact on your JSS, if you wait until the next update and find that it's significant (if it's not significant, you might want to save the "perk").

Thank you Christine. 
I already removed one feedback (just for JSS) it was great feedback but was not 5.00, it was in November last year. In between are eight successful contracts - should be ten, what about that? Also, one really great contract is active since December. 

I am not sure if I even can remove this potential negative impact, in case I just end it now.

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