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Ending a contract with active milestone

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Marko S Member Since: Oct 27, 2020
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Hi there!

I was working on a fixed price project. The client created a milestone, I completed the job, and I got paid. But, the client offered me the same job again, I initially accepted, and the created and funded another milestone. Soon after that, I spoke with the client about the 2nd milestone and he had a different view on the amount of time for completing the job and the deadline. He politely said that I can cancel if I want to. So we ended the contract. The money from escrow got transferred to his account. He was really satisfied with my work, and we exchanged 5-star reviews. My question is: Am I going to get a negative grade for my JSS?



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Clients may end a contract at ANY TIME.

Freelancers may end a contract at ANY TIME.


And, yes, this includes contracts with active milestones.

Both clients AND freelancers can end a fixed-price contract with an active milestone, and they can do so at any time, and they can do so without getting approval or permission from the other party.


This DOES NOT negatively impact your JSS.


You were already paid for at least one milestone. So this is NOT a zero-pay contract.

The fact that anybody ended a contract and money from a subsequent milestone was refunded... That will NOT have an impact on JSS in any way.

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