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Ending a contract

Hi Everyone,


I had a quick question. I was working on a project for a client but due to some personal circumstances wasn't able to complete the milestone. I told the client and he ended the contract. There was 20$ in escrow. I approved the request. I do not have a balance on my account but have a PayPal connected. Does the money get taken out from my account? I haven't been paid for anything.  Just confused.


Thanks all. 

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Hi Nadine, we'll go ahead and follow this up with the team so that they can get back to you on your support ticket.

~ Jo-An

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As far as i understand, you were hired for a fixed price job and the client put the money in escrow. Since the milestone was not completed, you approved the refund request. So the money that the client put in escrow( and was available with upwork) would be returned to them and there is no need to deduct any additional money from your bank account/paypal etc.
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