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Ending the Contract without approving the submitted output from the milestone


What will happen if the client will end the contract without approving the milestone. We both agreed on the price and quality of work he/she is looking to. I submitted an output with the same quality the client wanted me to produce but it turns out that the client doesn't like the product even the quality is the same based on the reference provided by the client. The client is still not approving my work and wants to end the contract. Can I still get paid after 14 days if the client will end the contract?


I presented my work to the client with the reference beside it to show its comparison where the quality I made is similar to the client's attachment but the client is still not convinced and the client is demanding more even we just both agree on a low price.

I have other clients that pay higher than this client but don't demand the way he/she does.


Kristian P wrote:

What should I do? Do I just need to wait for 14 days for me to get paid? What should I say to this client? Even you give a quality work, still, she doesn't want to pay my output.

Provided you have correctly submitted the work, I would suggest you say as little as possible and hope the client does not use the "request changes" function on the contract. If she starts doing that, you may eventually end up having to dispute.

How much money are we talking about?


OK, I see it's $60. I would, at any rate, end the contract after this first milestone. If you give her this first one at higher quality or not is ultimately your decision.

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