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Ending the contract with an open Milestone

Hi, dear members!


I'm not new on Upwork, but I'm struggling with a situation. I had a contract where the client activated Milestones and only then sent me letters for translation in PM. Don't know why, maybe he didn't know Upwork navigation well. He had a penfriend. One day his pendfriend did not reply to him, so my client said that he didn't need my services anymore and there was nothing to send me. So now I'm with an open milestone, with an open contract and the client is off-line since then. I should have said to him that it was better to send letters first, but I didn't thought about this. What I should do in this situation without affecting my JSS? Can I submit "work", wait for 14 days and then refund this money?  Thank you in advance.


Hi Daria, There are a lot of factors affecting JSS. You can learn more on this article. You can always ask your client to end the contract and leave a good feedback because if you close the contract yourself, you'll have high percentage of contract with no feedback. Should the client still can't be contacted, let us know so we can create a ticket for you.

~ Jo-An


If you end the contract, the funds in Escrow will automatically go back to the client‘s payment method. This is assuming you were paid for the work done so far?