Hi upwork Community
I have one question 
Can I withdraw 50 dollar from Upwork to my bank account ?




Automated withdraw may not be available, but you always have the option of manually clicking the "Get paid" button... WHENEVER you have available funds.

@ Abdul Aziz A. --


I notice that your profile contains several substantial errors that you will want to correct. First of all, your profile photgraph needs to be of you, yourself. Second, please correct your location. The time listed on your profile is inconsistent with the location you have listed.

@Abdul Aziz A. --


I see that your profile photo now appears to be of a person who is likely to be you. Great!  However, the time listed on your profile is now even MORE out of synch with the actual time in California. Your actual listed location needs to be accurate, and needs to reflect the place where you are now located (and living), not a place where you once resided and worked. Clearly, it is misleading to tell clients that you are located in California, United States.

..... and he's been zapped.

Query as to how a profile with an obviously fake photograph and obviously inaccurate location made it through in the first place.


Upwork screeners:  In addition to checking on the obvious discrepancies in time zones, here's another hint: NO ONE who lives in California, in the United States, is working for $3 an hour. No seven-year-old in California will walk your dog or feed your cat for $3 an hour. At $3 an hour it would take most Californians more than an hour to buy a cup of coffee, and more than 250 hours at $3 to pay for the very cheapest single room in a shared house (I'm calling it $650 in rent) -- and that is $650 AFTER Upwork's cut, Social Security, and federal, state, and local taxes. Let's say $1100 BEFORE all that, or about 366 hours at $3 an hour. So, no, no one who actually lives in California is very likely to be working for $3 an hour.

Janean, I love you. 


I am constantly disappointed in the lies that get approved. And yet, when these egregious falsehoods (that's the nice way of putting it) are called out in the Community we are reminded that it is against policy to accuse freelancers of wrongdoing. Even when it's so obvious my child could spot it. It's past the point of accusation of wrongdoing and square in the camp of stating reality. Thank you for stating reality.