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Enterprise Offer - Glitch or Normal?

I've received an offer from an Enterprise client. This is the first so I'm not sure if this is normal - I accepted and received the Upwork message that it's being reviewed and can take up to three days. After leaving the site and coming back, it still shows that I have an offer that needs to be accepted or declined. The first time I thought maybe I did something wrong, so I accepted again. But it is still showing as an offer that I haven't done anything with, and there is nothing showing up in the client message thread either. 


Does anyone know if this is what usually happens or if I should contact support? 


Thanks in advance.


Hi Karen,


When working with an Enterprise client you may be asked to complete a series of required tasks before accepting the contract. These tasks need to be completed before the contract can start. Learn more here.



Thank you, yes, I did read that but there were no tasks to complete. I received a message that it will be reviewed, but then it starts back over again as if I've never accepted the offer. 


Here is a screenshot if that helps. It says there should be a list of tasks if there is anything to complete but there isn't anything there. 


Also, I just received a message from my client. He hasn't used Upwork personally so he's not sure about this either but has not received any notifications. I'll reach out to support as well, but the last time I did that it took a really long time to get assistance and we need to move this forward as quickly as possible. 

Karen, I can see you were able to submit that support ticket, the team will be assisting you soon. I have also been looking into this and I believe there are some actions that need to be taken on your client's side. If you can, please encourage them to reach out to support as well so they can help you both.



Thank you, I will ask him to do that as well as he hasn't received any notifications from Upwork either and we need to get started by Monday. 

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