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Enterprise client’s onboarding process

Active Member

Hello, could you please advise on the following:


Once I try to accept offer Upwork redirects me to the Onboarding dashboard with the following message:


Congratulations! You've completed all your tasks!

However, others still need to complete their tasks before you can start work.

Me: 100%  Client: 100%  Compliance Team: 50%

and Compliance Review stated as Not Started. However I didnt complete any task and have no idea what should I do to next. I've never worked with an enterprise client before. Thanks,

Community Guru

Just wait! As long as all is well from your side there is nothing more you need to do!

Community Manager
Community Manager



As Petra suggested, please allow some time for the team to complete their review. They will let you know if there is anything else that needs to be done.

~ Valeria
Active Member

Same thing is happening to me. It's been 7 days since I received the offer. I did everything I was asked for and my client did the same. But the compliance team did 0%. This is taking way to long for it to be OK. My client needs the work, I need to survive, and Upwork gets paid to make the process easier, not harder!


Upwork compliance team not doing its job.jpg

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Alice,


I apologize for the delay in accepting this offer. I'll ask someone from our team to take a look at the pending onboarding process and follow up with you directly.


Thank you @Vladimir but it's been another 24 hours and still 0%...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Alice,


I'm sorry about the delay in updating this thread. Our team confirmed that the timeline for completing the onboarding process has been communicated to both you and the client at the onset of the onboarding process, which might take longer than the standard for the reasons we can't discussed here, but which you should have been informed about. I'll ask our team to follow up with you directly with an update but can confirm our team is following the proper steps in managing this onboarding process. I'd like to ask you for your patience as we can't expedite the process but our team is working to finalize all the details as soon as possible.



Hi Vladimir, 


Thank you for the comprehensive answer. The only thing that is inaccurate is about me being previously informed regarding the timeline. I had absolutely no information about how long it is going to take and while searching online for some info I found the term of 5-7 days. That's why I panicked. If someone would've sent an email from the beginning, making the information transparent, there would've been no issue. 


Thanks for finally making things clear.