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Enterprise contract on hold waiting for Video Verification


I´m having a situation with my account.

I was hired by an Enterprise, and during the onboarding process was requested to answer several questions/complete certain tasks.

Not sure what happened but suddenly receive this message:

´´Please note: We have placed a temporary hold on your account until you successfully complete verification. During this hold, you will not be able to submit new proposals or edit your profile picture.´´

I´ve been working on the platform for years, so not sure what´ss going on.

Reached out on the help center, premium support, UW specialist - 2 days have passed and still haven´t found a solution or receive the email to complete the video verification which I´d be happy to do as soon as possible to solve this.

Any suggestions on how to make this process more efficient or smoother?

My client can no longer wait to have this issue resolved. 


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Hello Alfonsina,


I don't know why this happened with you, but I do have a suggestion for you..


Try looking for your emails, that you might have missed from Upwork, regarding the video verification...


Also, the job you were hired for and the hold on your account may be a conincidence, so don't worry!


I hope this helps!


All the best!!


I actually received an email with a link, after clicking it, took me directly to the help center. This is the link:  **Edited for Community Guidelines**

I Used the Support bot to manually request a video verification, and Bot said an email was sent to have a skype call. That link never arrived.

Really frustrated right now, not sure what is going on or what I can do from my end to fix this. 

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Hi Alfonsina,


Let me follow up with the team about the issues you are experiencing accessing the verification link. Could you please also try accessing it using a different browser and see if it works?


Also, this hold and the verification request shouldn't affect your ability to accept the offer. Do you run into any issues trying to accept it?

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria, thank you! I´d really appreciate that. 

I tried everything (IOS, Android, Windows) - from different computers, notebook, tablet, phone, different browsers.

I wanted to try every possibility from my end before reaching out to help center, but nothing worked.

I can´t acept my client´s offer becouse I need to complete several Tasks + access UW ´´Okta´´ link - but is not recognizing my user either.  So I think it might be related to that. 

Thanks for taking the time to follow up with this!

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