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Erroneous availability notice on email notifications

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Wesley G V Member Since: Feb 14, 2016
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Almost every time I get a notification related to a job I'm on, it has this notice in it:


"Don't forget to update the availability settings on your profile to reflect your new time commitments. You're currently listed as available More than 30 hrs/week for new work"


So I go to my profile, and it STILL says, "Less than 30 hours per week." It seems that someone or something did NOT check my availability status, or did not understand it.


I know that these notices are sent out by a computer. I also know that UpWork has computer programmers on staff. Also, there are tons of computer programmers among the freelancers. So why doesn't UpWork reprogram this computer to accurately check the availability status on a freelancer's profile before sending out a notification.


Hey! I'm not a programmer, but if something does not look right on an article I'm posting, I'll find the problem and fix it.

Community Guru
David G Member Since: Oct 6, 2011
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I just re-read your post a bit more carefully and see that it doesn't actually say what I thought it said. My comment doesn't actually fit and I see your point.


Your stating the system is claiming your availablity is set at more than 30 hours a week when your profile actually says less than 30 hours a week.



Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Wesley,


Thanks for reporting this discrepancy, I'm following up with the team to get more information about the availability mismatch you're seeing.