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Error 'Unable to Load Messages'

I have a little yellow notification light beside my notifications, but there are no notifications. Also, each time I attempt to look at my messages, I receive the error, 'Unable to load messages.' Is this a bug, or is this on my end?


Maybe the CS guys will be able to help you but I had such a message loading problem recently but after a while it went away.


It's like the technical team is continually working on the system these days, zone by zone, and we get those interruptions. Right now I'm experiencing a mangled profile setting and I can only hope it gets rectified soon. For me I've reported the problem to Customer Support.


That yellow notification is a bug; It's been there for awhile now. Don't think it will ever get fixed, Upwork is aware of the problem and they have forwarded it to their engineers...yada yada yada. 


Edit: I am now getting the load messages error.