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Error message at the top of the screen when searching for profile

Hello Upworkers, 


Does anyone else get an error message at the top of their screen when searching for their profile on Upwork? 


Pls, help check the image I attached below. 


I will really appreciate your thoughts

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Wait a little while and try again.  Maybe you tried searching at the same time Upwork was making an update or had some other website issue going on.

I don't remember where I saw the option, but there is a place where you can get email notifications when Upwork is having outages on the website.  Sometimes I'll get an error (mostly in the messaging area) and I'll check it against the email alert - if there is an alert I just give it some time and try again later (or when a "problem fixed" alert is sent out).  This seems to have helped me utilize my time more effectively.

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