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Error on a Weekly Report



I have a client who accidentally set up a weekly salary for me. I have refunded her a couple of times now (and have encouraged her to close our account now that the job is finished so this doesn't happen again). I saw that another payment was coming through on the 1st of May, so I went ahead and refunded it. But now, looking at my report this week, I see the 250 refunded to my client, but I don't see the original payment so my weekly pay is shorted. I know that this is complicated so I'm pasting here. How do I fix this?

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First of all, end the contract now or the client will be charged again next week. It also looks like you refunded the weekly salary before it was actually charged (which will be today), so it took it out of your available or pending balance. It should balance out by the end of the day.


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