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Error with ios app

I was submitting recently a job proposal. When I start writing the cover letter I immediately receive an error "Something went wrong, please try again", and it exits the proposal to the find job page. Also, the app lags sometimes when I switch between the tabs available (message, find a job, etc.), for example, the find job tab won't allow me to scroll down and look for other jobs, but instead only switch left/right between the saved, and search tab. I need to exit the app and open it again for it to work.

I've been experiencing these problems on the app for quite some time. Is there a fix soon? Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mahmoud, 

As for the proposal issue, are you trying to send out proposals through your Upwork Mobile App? 


Please send us your Upwork Mobile App's version, and your phone's OS so that our team can add it to our report. In the meantime, please try to record your experience and be ready to send it to the Customer Support Team when they reach out to you to request for more information about your concern so that it can be forwarded to our engineers. 

~ Avery

Hi Avery, thank you for your reply! Yes, I was trying to send a proposal on the mobile app.


Upwork's Mobile App version: 1.12.3

My phone's OS: 12.4.5


Sure I'll record the problem and send it to them as soon as they contact me!

Thanks for sending this in, Mahmoud. The Customer Support Team will reach out to you to assist you further. 

~ Avery
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