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Escort service?

Hello all,


I came across a job post and found some weird stuff about the client that posted it. The client has 39 jobs posted, 11% hire rate, 11 open jobs and only $200+ total spent. Among those 11 open jobs, the client is looking for a content writer for a website where "business man" would hire good looking and "distrect" online assistants. The client provided a cute sample of a copy describing an assistant in her robe running around her kitchen while having a video call with her boss. Has some Mad Men vibe, but way more creepy.

Another job post is calling for a landing page designer for a "paid Online discreet dating" site. Another post requires research about hotels.


I have no idea whether I should report it, there are no clear indications that it is an escort service. Is it legal? I saw the client hired a newbie for 17 dollars for her "First day", and I believe they are preying on the newcomers.


Let me know if you want to investigate this further, and I will provide links/screenshot, whatever.

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Hi Jelena,

Yeah. That does sound sketchy. You can hang out and wait for a moderator and then send your information to them directly. That's probably the best thing to do in this case. If there are a lot of jobs being posted but not a lot of hires, it might also indicate the client is taking the communication off platform.

There's also a flagging mechanism on posts. On the upper right side of the post, under the "Save Job" button, you'll see the "flag as inappropriate" link:
Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 2.46.48 PM.png

If you click the link, it will give you some options. For this type of post, you might want to choose "it's something else", and then provide some details about exactly what concerns you in the post. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 2.47.06 PM.png

Its very help full ...
Madam Renata S lots of time i have seen client posted lots of job open and closed but no hire rating only 0% . In that case we can report ? is it valid or we cant do that .

Abhishek G wrote:

Its very help full ...
Madam Renata S lots of time i have seen client posted lots of job open and closed but no hire rating only 0% . In that case we can report ? is it valid or we cant do that .

Hi Abhishek,

The 0% hiring by itself just means that clients haven't hired on UpWork yet. Normally, if this is the only thing you notice about a client, it's not a sign of anything bad.  It might be that people are just changing their minds about hiring.

For this posting and this client, there are some other things going on that might be a bit weird, and it seems possible that the client could be talking communication off platform.

Flagging is for circumstances where the client is asking for something that violates the UpWork Terms of Service or seems strange in some other way (in this case, hiring for an illegal business). You can also flag a posting where the client is suggesting that the freelancer has to do free work (or an unpaid test) or is asking for an hourly rate that is lower than the minimum rate allowed by UpWork. You can also flag postings where people advertise for freelancers to do their school work (for instance, writing a term paper for a course, or completing an accounting assignment for the client's class).

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Community Manager

Hi Jelena,


Could you please click on my name and send me a PM with more information about your report, including all links of the Job posts you're finding suspicious. I'll check that for you and file a report accordingly.


Additionally: Renata shared excellent instructions on how handy is Flagging link in any situation you might want to report a Job post for our team's review.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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