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Escrow refund?

Hello! I need some help or advice. I worked with a client sometime last year but didn't have much of a good experience with her. So I stopped working with her. However, before then, I worked on about two projects with her. On the last project, she was to pay me about 13 use, but after the job, she claimed to have made some edits and asked if I could accept 8 use instead, I obliged and she paid/released just 8 use. She requested for another job after then, but I told her I wouldn't be available to write for her. Now, my problem is that, she didn't end the contract and rework has ended it, however, she's now asking for a $5 escrow refund. I don't understand why. Based on what I have been reading, it seems that will come from my own earnings. Why should I pay her a refund if she didn't give me a job or pay me in full the last time.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ori,


It appears that there were still funds remaining in Escrow after the client released a partial payment to you last year. In general, Fixed Price contracts with money in escrow will start to auto-close after 76 days of inactivity. Once the contract is closed, a refund request for the amount remaining in Escrow is sent to the freelancers on the client’s behalf. The freelancer will have 7 days to dispute that request or approve the return of funds in escrow to the client. It is up to you whether you choose to approve the refund request or dispute it. 

~ Valeria