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Estonian company that managed to add a VAT number to the freelancer account

Dear all, 

I am looking for an advice from an Estonian company that has been able to add a VAT number to the freelancer account. 

The thing is that I also represent a company registered in Estonia and we need to do the same.

Yet, despite the fact that the given freelance account is associated with our company and completes all the tasks on its behalf, we have not been able to do that. 

We have been previously said that the freelancer name and the company name should be the same in order to add a VAT number to the Upwork freelancer account.

However, as far as we are concerned there are still cases of Estonian companies, particularly, that have managed to add a VAT number to the freelancer account.

In case, any of you have done so, I would highly appreciate if you could share some tips on the matter?

Thank you in advance. 

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Posting the same thing over and over again across the Internet does not make any difference to the result. It's called spamming.


Ultimately, you have an individual freelancer account. Money paid to you (rather than through the agency) can't be linked to a VAT number under a different name (unless you are the owner of the company) or in a different country.


If you do your contracts through the agency and the agency is properly registered and has the VAT ID in the same name and country, that solves the problem.



Dear Petra, 

I did not have any intention of spamming, this post was different from the last one since it is directly targeted towards the companies in Estonia. 

Thank you for your time and advice! 

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