Everybody need to know this ! "dispute process"

Why is dispute not protecting freelancers ? 


I send files to client and he just turn story and want back money from escrow.

Dispute team contact me and I say it like it was from our conversation.

After that dispute tim send me mail "Your Client is not willing to drop the dispute at this time. "

and that it ? so if all people ( client ) know this , nobody will pay never to any freelancers ? 

They just can take back money but before that to take files...

This is injustice , and dispute process is on side of clients.

How upwork protect us ? ?


Hi Nikola, 

I'm sorry that this contract didn't go out as expected. I would suggest that you continue replying to the dispute messages so that you and your client can settle it amicably, and agree on a solution. I also recommend that you include other pertinent information such as documents, or files, related to your contract so that it can included in the review by the team. 


The team will then propose a mutual, non-binding resolution based on the results of the review. If both you and the client do not agree to the resolution, you may proceed to Arbitration. You may read more about the process here, on section 5.3 Non Binding Assistance

~ Avery

re: "How upwork protect us"


Upwork has a good system in place.


But I do NOT rely on Upwork to protect me.


When a client wants to hire me for a fixed-price contract, I make sure that my first client with her isn't too big. Maybe a couple hours of work or around $100 to $150.


Nothing I can't afford to lose.


If the client is a good client, then she pays for the work as expected and treats me well. If that happens, then I will be willing to work on increasingly large fixed-price contracts for her.


If she is a bad client, or doesn't know how to use fixed-price contracts, then I can decide to not work with her any more, or I can agree only to work for her using hourly contracts.


That is how I protect myself.