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Everyone should vote for this - To Prevent SCAM !important

I have been worked at upwork for 6 years.

It was good time until mid of 2022 but after upwork rules released an appeasement policies and boosting proposal, both of clients and freelancers get difficulties.

Should stop it.

Upwork I think

1. You need to restore your policies to striced platform again to prevent scam.

2. If freelancer gets the job, no need to block them. Getting job means there is no issues between clients and freelancers for both of work and relationship. If you block freelancers with jobs, you will lose your money.


Sounds fair?


I really want Upwork gets back to great platform again.

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Agree 👍

Also, I heard that effective from 15.Dec.2023, a client will have to pay around 10 USD initiation fee for a new contract (not including other fees yet). Should we consider a more reasonable price, I think the high Initiation fee affects:

1. New freelancers:

  • Have fewer chances to gain a new contract.

2. Clients:

  • Hesitate to initiate a new contract or end a current one (which makes it even harder for freelancers to ask clients to end the contract).

Thanks and cheers,


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