Exchange rate and its importance to clients' budgets

Hello everyone.


Just to give an example, I recently exchanged 93$ on Paypal for 80€. Not that many time ago, I needed 100$ in order to have around 80€. I was just wondering, will this rate influence oDesk clients' budgets in any way?


I believe that for dollar clients that does not change anything, but considering that dollar (the oDesk currency) is getting some land when compared to Euro, for example, will this have any impact on Euro clients' budgets?


Let me know your opinion.





A euro-earning freelancer it's been a welcome development, and I certainly have no intention of changing my prices because of it - things fluctuate and it will inevitably go down again before we know it.


But what you're asking is, what will euro clients do? Well hopefully, they'll think in the same way. It's a dollar platform, and if they raise their rates to cover the exchange rate, then they might price themselves out - the market isn't going to bend for them. It's an interesting question though, and it would be nice to hear from some of these euro clients...