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Experience levels set by Upwork are in effect..

..and it's already affecting me negatively.


I set my experience as intermediate for a **bleep** good reason and was always happy with it. Every single (hourly) invite I received was for intermediate jobs. I received about 3 or 4 invites/week and overall they were pretty good matches.


2 Weeks ago my invites dropped. The 2 invites that I got since then were expert level (even a fixed price job had expert level attached to it but that was only visible on the android app and not the website..). That has never happended before.


Just now I played around with the search engine to see on what page I would show up for different keywords and... I show up only for "any level" or "expert level" but NOT for intermediate.


So well done again Upwork.. clients come here for VALUE not because they want to pay HIGHER rates (not talking to you preston...). There just are not enough expert level jobs in my category to make it worthwhile to actually be in that category. And only because they are "expert" doesn't make them any better. In contrary I find clients looking for value are often much more easy to work with than the expert ones due to a different mindset but that might be biased opinion.


It's only been a couple of days with this change but I estimate less total invitations for jobs plus I am less likely to do those jobs.


By the way, on my profile settings I can still choose my own level.


Please Upwork just stop messing things up already, I don't care what category I am, I don't care if I am invited for entry or expert level jobs but give me back my intermediate invites.


Or just get rid of these levels and replace them with actual $$$ figures for everyone to see. Where is the benefit here for freelancers, clients or upwork??


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I am reading it today 2021.

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