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Experience with Sales people - some feedback

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone here has resorted to using Upwork to hire salespeople to assist them with lead generation - not on Upwork, but in the "real" world for complex topics.  

While I'm doing okay with tech writing work, I'm finding that the competition for developing work here on Upwork is a little fierce (easily 20+ applicants for everything relevant, many of whom can underbid what I can afford) and sales/direct marketing is not one of my greatest strengths, particularly for my own work (I tend to want to undersell;  yes I know....).  I'm trying to find other techniques for selling my brand elsewhere, as developing is my preferred avocation.

Has anyone had any success with this, and if so, does anyone have any recommendations for working with other freelancers here? 

Just curious and exploring the waters.

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