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Experience with Upwork support

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Alexander S Member Since: Jul 23, 2015
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Hi, here is my situation.


I've been working through odesk for about 5 years and have a perfect score, all my jobs were finished successfully, and with some clients, I do work for years (and with some from the very beginning). They all are pretty happy working with me. I've logged almost 9k hours here.


Odesk, and now Upwork, always had poor support, which always replies with common phrases. I have more than 30 support tickets, where I reported bugs, related to odesk team app and the web site. None of them were fixed! Odesk team app crashes – ok, thank you for the report, our engineers are doing their best to fix.


I am running an agency and have to pay to the developers myself. That was pretty easy for me until odesk decided to remove a very useful column from their reports. There were 2 columns: billed to the client and paid to the agency (- 10% odesk fee). So all I had to do is to check the amount paid to the agency and send the money. But now odesk silently decided to remove that column. They say this column raised too many questions from beginners, who even unable to read the terms of service they do use, and were wondering why the numbers, billed to their clients, are different from the numbers paid to them. What the hell.


I sent a support request explaining that this column was very useful for me and that now I have to maintain a spreadsheet and do all this job manually, spending unnecessary time. As usual, I received a garbage, senseless response, pointing me to this forum, to the topic that explains why they did so. How is this supposed to be helpful for me? Why did odesk count the opinion of beginners ignoring people who do use this service for years? Lol.


They said this should help both: clients and contractors. Well, I think they lied, nothing changed for clients and for me as a contractor I simply get additional unnecessary work to do. Why do I pay my 10%? For such attention? So the only side who was supposed to get benefits from this change was odesk, expecting to receive fewer support requests. Instead of making the column name a little bit more descriptive or adding a help link near it, they simply removed the entire column, without asking the users do they need it or not.


Then I noticed my profile disappeared from search results, profile success score didn't show, top rated status didn't show as well.


Community Guru
Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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I would ask them to escalate it to a manager and have him address your issues. As well one of the moderators here may be able to help.


Good luck.

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Mariam Fatima Z Member Since: Feb 24, 2015
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Call me paranoid but this is the reason I don't post too many complaints in this forum. I feel like I might come "under their radar" or something and trigger an account suspension lol.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Alexander,


I am sorry this situation has caused you frustration. I have checked your account and your communication with the support staff and I can confirm what they told you. Your Job Success score can't be affected by your communication with support team and it can't be changed manually. The reason you do not see the Job Success score on your profile is that you used to be an exclusive agency freelancer and just recently changed your status. The Job Success score is not displayed for exclusive agency freelancers. You need to complete at least 4 jobs with at least 3 clients as an independent freelancer in order for the score to be displayed on your profile.

~ Valeria

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