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Expert Vetted from other platforms

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Muhammad J Member Since: Jul 26, 2021
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Hi, I recently reached out to Upwork's support after activating my profile after a while and was curious to know that can a professional who is working on other platforms on the same level program as expert vetted, gets any chance to translate his experience here and apply manually with his record.


(not sure about the following paragraph if it fits the community guideline, just writing it to make a point)

I work at Toptal as a senior product designer and author which is also a vetted platform for the top 3% of professionals and had a proven record of working there with enterprise clients as well as another similar program i.e. PRO seller at Fiverr and had worked thousands of hours there. 


But in order to get recognized here I was asked to maintain my account and then in an unknown time span team will automatically invite you if they feel like you are a good fit for it. 

I know and completely understand that manual applications are disabled to ensure the best can be onboarded but still, there are a lot of professional who are best at what they do but might not be able to survive the initial Maintenace and growth that is required in order to get noticed.


Wouldn't there be a way where they can share their experience and still go through your vetting process which is perfectly fine but have the ability to apply?

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Viacheslav K Member Since: Sep 9, 2015
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Unless you earn more than most of your peers while being top rate I doubt they'd invite you. Working as an employee is very different from being a freelancer.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I'm not expert vetted and didn't get invited to the talent scout thing and uuh yeah, I'll live.