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I know how the process works to becoming expert-vetted. Having to be top 1% and be invited. I still have questions.

Is there a way to know where we sit in this percentage?

I've been Top-Rated Plus for years, Have had a JSS of 99% or higher for years.

I have had jobs with a final payout of over $20k.

What am I missing? Do I need higher-paying jobs? In my field (graphic design/branding) 4 figure jobs really seem to be the cap (unless they are long-term hourly clients), and that number is getting lower and lower as of this past year. 
I'm just seeing if there is anything I can do to help myself along in this area.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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A little off-subject, but why no Projects in your profile--or did I miss seeing them?


Most of the Top-Rated Plus and Expert-Vetted profiles (I am nowhere close to being one!) have Projects. I seriously doubt the lack of Projects is related to being Expert-Vetted, but I am just curious.

I used to have one, but I didn't find them effective. I may have just not figured out to utilize them effectively.


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Hi Laura,


Expert Vetted is by invitation ONLY. I had to complete $200,000 worth of jobs before I was invited to join.


I saw a Profile from Turkey yesterday that was Expert Vetted with $10,000 in completed jobs and I have seen Profiles with $600,000 that aren't Expert Vetted.


My best guess is that it greatly depends on the Job category of the freelancer, the client demand, and yes JSS, job completed, etc. Have a wonderful day!

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I got a notification three weeks ago to say my account was being evaluated for expert vetted (top rated plus, 100% feedback, 860 jobs) and when I chased it this week, was told the message was sent in error!  I mean really..... I thought that was quite insulting!

It might be the case that they sent out some invitations in error. I got a notification that I was being evaluated for a skill certification, when I already have two in the only categories where I qualify. 


Anyway, you're probably not missing much by not having the EV badge. I've got it, and I've had hardly any invitations and no new clients from proposals for months now.

thanks, there's definitely an invitation issue, I used to get ten or more a day, now  lucky if I get one every two days. Upwork don't care so I've used other platforms instead!!

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