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Use to be that no matter how long ago a job took place, if I revisited the messages, I could click on an attached image and download it.  I have noticed recently that this is no longer the case.  Is this a glitch or has Upwork started deleting files after a certain period of time?


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Community Manager

Hi Randy,


Could you please click on my name and send me a PM with more information about this concern? I’ll check that for you and advise you accordingly.


Thank you.

~ Bojan



Thank you very much.  Message sent.

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I am sorry if this turn of events has caused a problem for you.


Upwork is not a file storage service.


From now on, I am sure that you will not count on being able to retrieve old files from the Messages tool.


I never said that Upwork was a file storage system.  None the less, whenever I get job offers from past clients, it has always been nice that I could look up the old job, click on the the old files and refresh my memory as to what image edits I had done for them.  This prevents me from having to admit that I do not remember them and having to ask them what the past work was.

It is only recently that I have run into situations where those files are no longer availble to view.  So, I wondered if this was a temporary glitch or if Upwork changed their policy about keeping the files and if so, how long do they keep the files before deleting them.

Yeah, Upwork's TOS (section 6.3) actually specifies that freelancers are to return/destroy client files from their premises/systems when the contract ends (unless the client/freelancer specifically agree not to), and I follow this. I too have relied on Upwork messages to refer to past work for a repeating client, so I hope the files/materials will remain available there. I mean, maybe not for 5 years, but for some known amount of time.

As a client, I have hired dozens of feeelancers to produce files for me. Such as original artwork.

As soon as I receive files from the freelancers, I store those files on a private server.

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