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Jesselle Keith E Member Since: Dec 16, 2014
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Hello fellow Odeskers,


I need some help/advice with regards to receiving my funds. Woman Sad


I have a new account (with different email), this is actually my second Odesk account . In my old account (which I already closed) I usually file withdrawal requets on Wednesdays and received the funds in my account by Saturdays.


However, what happend in my new (second) Odesk account is that I misspelled a very essential information in the "Account Information" which is my address. I know and I'm sure that's the reason why I failed to receive my funds on time (I think it's been 6 business days already). I edited my Account Information with my exact address and I informed the customer support about this but I didn't receive any reply yet.


Can you please help me or throw me some advice on what I should do about this? Is it possible to resend the funds to my exact address as soon as possible? Christmas is coming and I'm totally broke. Woman Frustrated
Your response is highly appreciated! Thanks a lot. Woman Wink Happy holidays!
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Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Jesselle,


I am sorry to hear you are having troubles withdrawing your fund. If there is a mistake in the information you put for your withdrawal method and the transaction fails, the funds will eventually return to your oDesk account and you will be able to withdraw them to the correct account. Unfortunately, I cannot give any estimated time as it depends on banks, but I hope you will receive your funds soon.



~ Valeria
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Misty K Member Since: Feb 5, 2012
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And what about instances, such as my own, where there was a technical error and the message was this:


Due to a technical issue withdrawal is temporarily unavailable.  Try again later.  You can open an Odesk support ticket.  


Yet, my funds, from my withdraw are missing and never reached my paypal account.  This same technical problem happened to many back in November.  In 3 years I've never had this happen and now I'm missing $397 from my contractor side 8 days before Christmas!!!


You told the other person the funds go back into the account.  Well, when?  Odesk can't just hold onto funds that aren't theirs to hold on to.  This is ridiculous.