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Facebook and other sites in the work diary...


I'm new to Upwork- my freelancer has a few screenshots of checking facebook and her other pages that aren't relevant to the project and is now asking for more hours to complete.  Recommendations on how to handle? As of now, I've just said now and once the hours are up, I'd like her to be off the project. 


@ Jennifer --


Completely unacceptable for a freelancer to be checking Facebook during time that she is charging to you!!! And given that screenshots occur randomly, and only once during each ten-minute interval, I have to believe that she is on Facebook (and other non-productive, irrelevant sites) fairly often, if the random screenshots are catching this more than once.


Every so often, I get a pop-up from my gmail calendar (over which I have no active control) -- a reminder that my weekly French Club begins in 10 minutes, for example. The pop-up covers my entire screen, and I am always worried that the TimeTracker will take a snapshot just at that moment. So far, that hasn't happened, but it could. However, I would never DREAM of checking Facebook (waste of my time anyway) or email or Amazon or whatever during WORKING HOURS!


You should most definitely cut ties with this freelancer. You are also entitled to dispute hours logged that include screenshots not relevant to your project. It is up to you whether or not that is worth doing.


Query as to how stupid this freelancer is for not deleting these 10-minute intervals from her Work Diary, given that they show her to be wasting time, and that deleting these shots (and the associated chargeable time) is an option. But maybe she is too dumb to know this? Or she is counting on you to not notice? Or she HAS already deleted some (but not all) of the "incriminating" screenshots?


Anyway, this is unprofessional and unacceptable.  Do NOT allow her to add extra time when she has already booked time that is clearly non-productive/non-chargeable (for you). End this.  NOW!

Pause the contract now, tell the freelancer to go to her work diary and to delete every single segment with a non work relate screenshot (which will also mean for every deleted screenshot you don't pay for  those ten minutes of time)


If she refuses, dispute Monday afternoon.