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Fail to see the benefit of Private Talent Cloud

I was recently invited to a private talent cloud for an Enterprise Client.


My inbox lit up with Upwork messages on how great this was going to be for me. I got genuinely excited!



- I have to jump through numerous hoops, fill in questionnaires, sign NDA's etc without any guarantee of an assignment - yep, same ol' bidding process as before!

- Now I am competing with other, very accomplished contractors, diminishing my chance of landing an assignment for the Enterprise Client

- There aren't even any jobs for my language in the Talent Cloud and I see only a handful of jobs posted in the last 2 months.


It seems to me that Private Talent Cloud suits the needs of the Enterprise Client yet does NOTHING for the freelancer, especially considering the fact that the EC could have hired me on the public side of Upwork.

Please tell me I'm wrong and this is indeed going to be great for me?

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Well, I was hired very soon after I joined a Private Talent Cloud, and I didn't have to fill in any paperwork. I guess it depends on the job you were invited to—my client needed a lot of freelancers, so I don't think there was much competition.

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