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Failed to create my portfolio

Hello! I want to fill out my portfolio, I'm filling in all the fields, but the system doesn't allow me to publish the portfolio. The "Go to Preview" button remains gray. What am I doing wrong? My pics have good quality and I havent added any contatact information. Thank you for help

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Hello My friend,

Recently I faced the same issue. 
And this is how I solved it. 

In the part of the project description, there is a word limit. 
But sometimes, I noticed the error for exceeding the words/characters limit does not show.

Instand it does not allow you to "go to preview" 

My suggestion is to try to cut down the characters from every place from the title to the description. And continuously check if the "Go to preview" is working at that time or not. 

Hope this helps. 

Best wishes

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