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Fake New Account and Client Escaping

Today I am going to post an important factor. Last year 2020 many clients ran away from Upwork with fake rising talent accounts (Or just new).Fakers create and get accounts approved using VPN.They know Upwork asks verification once they got offers or close contract. So using initial 20-70 connects they got a job and suggest clients to work outside.I think this is so serious problem for Upwork to keep clients.At least ID and video verification Or payment verification is essential for all of the new accounts when they got approved.Unless 60-70% of new clients including plus clients will post a job and then go out from Upwork.

Any suggestion?

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Hi Archili,


Thank you for your feedback and your suggestion. I'm sorry about your experience on our platform. Our dedicated team is working diligently to keep our platform safe and we’re committed to doing our best to prevent or address suspicious activity. We do have systems in place to detect potential attempts to circumvent Upwork TOS and procedures in place to ensure users are working in line with our TOS.

Please do use the flagging option to report any suspicious activity as described here. Our team will review each report and take appropriate action.

~ Vladimir
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If we keep this status opened new year more and more fakers and new clients will play a big role outside of Upwork and I assume it will be critical damage to Upwork and to prevent bidding for not verified accounts.

Thanks for your consideration and comment.

I love Upwork!

While I agree with the statement that there should be better vetting of clients, I must say that most of my clients are first timers and virtually none have verified payment methods.  Clearly, they are hesitant to share their information with a platform they haven't used before.  When they hire me I simply tell them that I would be delighted to work with them but that I cannot begin until payment is verified.  Usually within an hour, they have been verified.

It has some points and I agree.

But what I am saying is about verification of freelancers not clients.

To apply jobs ID or Payment verification may be needed.

It would be good for filtering mature developers.

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Archili, Upwork doesn't do this because many new freelancers never make any money and so video verifying all new freelancers will increase Upwork operating cost. My suggestion to Upwork would be to verify new freelancers after they earn money on their first contract but before they can withdraw their earnings.

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It depends on Upwork policy.

I am just recommending.

Thank you guys!

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At least new accounts should catch a fixed job to get verified and can bid on hourly jobs.

They know remote account sharing is so difficult these days and taking too much effort.

Also new account is good for stealing a long term contract as they know and Upwork does.

Upwork needs to think about this seriously to protect their clients.

Just Upwork backdoor we can call this spam.

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