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Fake Upwork YouTube channel

By coincidence, I found this channel and also I'm interested about Upwork opinion on using their brand name 

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lol nice find. Figures it's a fail SEO. I guess the universe is in order since he has no jobs from his fake Upwork channel.


I'm wondering if the video is stolen. That's definitely not someone from Pakistan speaking in the video. lol

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for letting us know, Karel. I'll inform the team about it.


In case somebody is interested Upwork official channel can be found here.

~ Valeria

Where is link?

Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvxGFOnwUBDHHcxuPqhe4CQ


If you click on word "here" you could have found it.. 🙂

Saif I was asking for the fake channel link. Just want to confirm it. I found two channels on youtube which are officially run by Upwork one is the new one and other is old one.


Here are links:




There are no other channels showing in my search but lot of other channels who are using Upwork content for educational videos.


If that person is using Upwork name in the channel than he is doing wrong if his channel name is not "Upwork" as mentioned in above link then he has his own channel but publishing education videos using Upwork content.


There is quite a difference between using the Official name in the channel for example "Upwork1 or upwork official" etc. and creating and publishing educational videos in the personal channel.


The fake link has been removed by Upwork. They will not allow it in the forum.


Guys is this Upwork official channel really useful ? What kind of stuff they provide other than the basic tutorials ?


Any specific suggestion to watch this channel ? thank you.

Hi Shah,


I often link videos posted on our YouTube channel in my posts and have received positive feedback form users, who found them useful in clarifying certain Upwork processes. In addition to tutorials, you also can check different webinars and success stories experience users have shared, along with best practice advice.


Please let me know what you think if you check out any of our short videos.

~ Vladimir

@Shah wrote:


Any specific suggestion to watch this channel ? thank you.

First, you will need to buy yourself a YouTube machine. Check with your household appliances dealer.




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