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Fake & Scam Clients, Why Upwork Allows Such Clients to Hire


On upwork these days many new clients post jobs and hire people, Because of these we dont apply on new jobs and miss many oppertunities, Recently I got an offer from a person who has hired 60 people in a single day and hiring more, No doubt its 100% Fake then why upwork is not taking action after passing 1 day and why upwork is not making instant payments from such type of clients?

Here the job post link

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Because of these many times I have heared from forums that if you will accept such contract and start work your account will be suspended, I have read many articles and people got their account suspended, So qustion is that when we will get rid from this type of issues, If someone has also the same problem which I am facing these days please leave comment, 

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I'm really really confused for hired 60+ 

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"if you will accept such contract and start work your account will be suspended"


Not true. You can be suspended for doing something against ToS, not for accepting a contract or starting to work. But you will likely be scammed with clients like this, so...


Big red flags: no previous history for this client, an hourly rate too generous for this kind of job. Pay attention to details.

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Because upwork expects you to use judgment .


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