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Feature Request: Anonymous questions on Job Posts

Now that we are paying for our connects, I think we should have the ability to ask anonymous questions about job postings to clarify information about the job.

The client would not be able to see who sent it or how to contact them, but Upwork would. The answers to the questions could be updated to the job posting.

They could even have a few standard questions to choose from such as "Can you provide examples of what you are looking for?" or "Is your budget flexible?"


I understand that this could potentially be used to give contact info, or solicit clients to look at a freelancer's portfolio, but surely there's ways around that. Like giving the option for the client to report a freelancer who tries to pull that, or alerting upwork when certain words are used.


I feel like I have to pass over so many job descriptions simply because some of the details are left out. It's not worth wasting connects if you don't know what you're applying for, or if you're a good fit.


ALSO, I think clients should see how many freelancers click the "budget too low" option on their posts. I see way too many posts like this. Often clients don't know the going rate for certian work (factoring in the level of experience, of course), or I wonder if they just throw out a random number and expect the freelancers to appy with the actual rate.


We shouldn't have to pay for connects simply to have the opportuinity (if the client responds) to clarify job descriptions.

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No please.

FLs will pester and spam with very silly questions nobody wants to see.

Hopefully, Now that we're paying for connects, clients will come to value and respect each proposal, and will make more effort to write sufficiently detailed job descriptions.


They will write detailed descriptions if need be.

True, that could happen.

I just want a way to let the clients know that they are not getting the applicants they want simply becuase they have left out important details.

I don't think they realize that it is time, effort, and now money on our part to find out what they need. For example, I've seen many (graphic design) posts where they say they will send an example after you apply. My portfolio may not match what they are looking for, but there is no way for me to know without seeing their direction.

Clients don't always know they're not giving enough detail (or the correct budget), especially if they are new to the platform.

Does upwork inform clients that we are now paying to apply?


Kendra C wrote:

Does upwork inform clients that we are now paying to apply?


I'm afraid they should know somehow.

Clients do read these fora, and some get told directly by FLs.

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I would like to comment on the budget thing you mentioned.

You know, presently, you can downvote a job posting as "budget too low".


A few FLs have asked on this forum what Upwork does with that piece of info.

Upwork's response so far has been "nothing".

Yes that's exactly what I'm talking about ... sure we can hit the button, but all it does is hide it.

I feel like it would be helpful to the clients if they could see what percentage of freelancers have hit that button.


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I think this is a great idea, and something i have wished for several times - i have seen sooooo many jobs with inadequate job descriptions or some other important details missing and while some people are willing to jump into the unknown for 6 connects, i am not, nor do i think we should be required to. asking an anon question would be a good way round this.


As for the - "clients will be asked to many questions" - maybe yes, but maybe they will start giving enough information - Upwork could even have a button for clients to "turn off" the questions from freelancers - at least then the ones that spend the time to fill out a job properly can do so and switch off questions, whereas the ones that cant be bothered to write everything will hopefully not be bothered to turn off questions and if they do turn them off, we can feel better about scrolling by thier advert.

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