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[Feature Request]Projects Classification based on scope.

Hi Everyone!


I am not sure if its the right place or if there is any dedicated area where I can post a feature request. Posting here so, others can share their point of view as well.


I think there should be a classification on projects, based on scope e.g.

  1. Complete project
  2. Bug Fixing
  3. Feature addition
  4. Collaboration in team


The reason being that some freelancers like me are more interested in getting full projects and work from desiging architecture to final delivery. Some migh be more intesrted in fixing bugs on already built systems etc etc.

ATM its hard to manully go through all projects, in a specific category, to find the type of project you are intesrted in.


Will love to hear from UPWORK staff and other freelancers too.



Ali Arshad

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ali,


Thanks for your suggestion. I'll be sure to share it with our team. 

~ Bojan
Community Member

Those categories wouldn't be relevant for the majority of freelancers on Upwork. As a graphic designer, clients are only interested in having me do complete projects.

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